H2Tech’s systems for stationary applications

Hydrogen systems generate electricity in a sustainable way, with no emissions other than water. The systems have a wide range of application areas.

Peak shaving
Our energy systems can be used to support and equalise variations in energy production and consumption over time, thus lowering costs.

Power generation
Enables power supply in environments such as construction sites with a temporary need for electric power. When integrated as a part of a system with wind power or photovoltaics and hydrogen tanks, fuels cells are a reliable long-term power generator.

Backup power
Fuel cell systems are stable and reliable. With only limited need for maintenance, they are suitable where there is need for uninterruptible power supply such as in security systems, telecom or data centres. 

Energy storage
Renewable energy production often requires the ability to store intermittent energy, e.g. in hydrogen. Fuel cell stacks use the stored hydrogen to produce electricity.


As well as being a technical integrator, our position in the industry means that we also integrate technologies and businesses into projects and programmes, acting as the focal point to deliver whole-system solutions and create new markets for fuel cell and hydrogen products.


The deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies is a systems engineering challenge involving the design and management of complex systems. Fuel cells are often best applied in hybrid energy systems and integrated with other technologies. Hydrogen is an energy vector with many uses that can connect the energy and transport systems, the electricity grid and the gas grid.

H2Tech is applying system engineering approaches to establishing these technologies as well as to the technical challenges. We work to automotive system engineering standards in our hybrid power-train development across our multi-disciplinary team. We are working with partners and suppliers to design and develop complete systems for both energy and transport applications.

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